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  • Experience the events of the Great Calamity 100 years before the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game
  • Dozens of gripping cutscenes shed new light on characters like Zelda, the four Champions, the King of Hyrule, and more
  • Play as characters like Link, Zelda and more and learn their distinct attacks and combat styles
  • The four Champions are playable for the first time
  • See a lively Hyrule before it was ravaged by Calamity Ganon

    Brand: Nintendo
    EAN: 0045496596828
    Classification: Video Games

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    [Amazon/USA] Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition restock ($49.99)

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    Battle some of the fiercest Legend of Zelda enemies across Hyrule’s famous locales, Link and Zelda can wear costumes from the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game, My Fairy mode—now with detailed three-dimensional graphics—lets you befriend, customize, raise, and level up fairies you can take into battle, Fight alongside a friend in two-player mode on one system, Contains all downloadable content from prior versions of the game, Play as fan-favorite characters like Ganondorf, Tetra, Skull Kid, and Ravio, Change between characters and issue them commands on the fly during battle, Compatible with the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild series amiibo figures

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    Sturdy outer shell with rubberized handle and durable dual zipper pulls, Officially Licensed gaming case for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, Molded interior with felt lining plus zippered mesh storage fits either system, Built-in padded screen-protector flap includes game storage for six game cards, Nintendo Switch carrying case with two-year limited warranty - visit PowerA.Com/support

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    Full-size Controller experience in handheld mode, Larger grip, Buttons, triggers, analog sticks, and d-pad, Assignable rear triggers, Turbo functionally, and more, Translucent Black design, Officially Licensed by Nintendo

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    🎮 🎁[ Protective Hard Shell Switch Game Case ]-- This switch case allows Nintendo Switch game players storaging and organizing your favorite accessories easily, it designed with high quality nylon zipper head which can provent your precious switch from dropping out or scratching., 🎮 🎁 [ Large & Individual Storage ]--The travel carry case for Nintendo switch with 10 additional slots for game cartridges or SD cards can storage 1 console (Switch or switch Lite), Joy-Con, 10 pcs game cards ( such as your favorite Animal, Mario, Zelda, Pokémon) , earphone and several charging cables, etc. Individual storage making accessories separate and prevent scratching each other effectively., 🎮 🎁[ Inner Velvet & Waterproof Shell ]-- Soft inner velvet and two elastic fixed Straps design protect your Nintendo Switch console from getting scratches and accidental bump. Waterproof cover gives you safety protection when encounter liquid spills or accidentally fall into pool., 🎮 🎁[ Travel Carry Case ]--This travel switch case with sturdy strap can storage your Nintendo Switch securely stored when travelling or daily using. A best gift for your family or friends who play Nintendo Switch games., 🎮 🎁 [ Tough and Durable ]-- The Carrying case made of Heavy-duty Material which is strong enough for plenty of daily protection and we provide 1 Year warranty service. Please notice: The Nintendo Switch console, controllers and other accessories show in images are for usage demonstration purposes only and are not includes with this case.

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