Sense Energy Monitor 12000 for 239.00

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  • SENSE SAVES: Sense saves you energy and money by providing insight into your home's energy use and activity.
  • SEE WHAT’S UP. KNOW WHAT’S ON: Track how much electricity you’re using, what time your kids got home, or when someone leaves the basement light on. Sense identifies patterns in your energy use to help your family be more efficient, informed, and secure.
  • MONITOR YOUR HOME’S ENERGY USE FROM ANYWHERE: Real-time data through our iOS, Android, and web apps.
  • AVOID DISASTER: Set custom notifications for critical devices, like your sump pump, well pump, or flat iron.
  • MEETS RIGOROUS SAFETY STANDARDS: Sense’s components and system have been designed and ETL/Intertek certified for installation and operation inside the electrical panel.

    Brand: sense
    EAN: 0850197008002
    Classification: Home Improvement

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    Flume Smart Home Water Monitor Compatible w/Alexa - $126.64

    $126.64 $149, SAVE -$22.36 OR -15%
    24/7 INTELLIGENT LEAK DETECTION: Protect your family home from water damage. Monitor and control water usage inside and out, including irrigation.  Know your home is secure with real-time leak alerts sent to your smartphone with Smart Home Water Monitoring., REDUCE YOUR WATER BILL: Take the guessing game out of your water usage.  Flume monitors water consumption and provides real-time water usage data right on your Smartphone.  Utilize Flume’s budget tool to track use daily, weekly or monthly and take action to save. , 5 MINUTE INSTALLATION: The Flume Smart Home Water Monitor straps around your home’s existing water meter in minutes without the need for a plumber or tools. Flume is compatible with 95% of water meters, more details below., REMOTE WATER MONITORING: See when your family or renters are home, how much water they use and where you can save water. Resolve water issues in real time from anywhere with the Flume App and Web Portal. (Free on the Apple App Store and Google Play), SMARTPHONE ALERTS & ALEXA ENABLED DEVICE - Flume puts your data on your favorite smart devices. We provide real-time leak detection and water use notifications on your smartphone and Alexa devices so you can protect your home when you're on the go.

    nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor with Bluetooth, Free App - $49.99

    $49.99 $59.99, SAVE -$10 OR -17%
    [Engine health monitor] keep tabs on your engine health with real-time alerts. Decode engine error Codes, which normally costs a $100 trip to the mechanic., [Safety center] world's first predictive algorithm analyzes historical engine data for potential issues., [Pro Dashboard] Monitor and log your car data like a pro. (*Ezzysaver Dashboard in the previous version has been upgraded to Pro Dashboard.), [Easy Self-Install] The ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor is designed to be easily installed - just plug it into your car's OBD II port and you're ready to go., [Premium material] premium German Bayer PC material capable of withstanding extremely hot weather.Max Output Power:-9dBm, NOT Compatible With: IOS: Skoda Octavia, Nissa Tiida, Nissan Bluebird, Porsche 911, Lexus LS430, VW Lavida. Android: Nissa Tiida, Nissan Bluebird, Acura MDX. If you have any questions about the connection, contact nonda Customer Care firstly. Thanks.

    X-Sense Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector with 10-Year Battery - $32.29

    $32.29 $37.99, SAVE -$5.7 OR -15%
    10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE: This combination smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm provides 10 years of continuous power with a built-in lithium battery; provides continuous monitoring of smoke and CO levels, even if there's a power failure; an end-of-life signal will let you know when it’s time to replace the unit for safety, ALARM TYPES FOR MORE CONVENIENT: Different alarm patterns of this carbon monoxide alarm and smoke alarm tell you it is either smoke or carbon monoxide is detected without checking the LCD display; smoke alarm: delivers 3 long beeps every 1.5 seconds and the red LED flashes with the alarm sound; CO alarm: delivers 4 quick beeps every 5. 8 seconds and the red LED flashes with the alarm sound, HIGH ACCURACY AND SENSITIVITY: X-SENSE carbon monoxide fire alarm is equipped with combination photoelectric smoke and electrochemical CO sensors that work independently of each other; instantly notifies you when dangerous smoke or CO concentration is detected; provides the ultimate protection from 2 deadly threats, all contained in 1 unit, SIMPLE TO USE: The test/silence button of this smoke alarm carbon monoxide alarm enables you to test the alarm weekly, and to easily silence the alarm when false alarms occur; malfunction and low battery warnings allow you to easily know the working status of the alarm; in case of an emergency, an alarm tone of over 85 dB will instantly alert the entire household, even those in sleep, EASY INSTALLATION WITH QUALITY: X-SENSE smoke carbon monoxide alarm combo requires no rewiring; easy to mount on any wall or ceiling without an electrician; all X-SENSE carbon monoxide alarm and smoke alarm are rigorously tested to meet UL 217 and UL 2034 safety standards; comes with a lifetime customer support

    Samsung CRG5 27" 1080P 240Hz 4ms NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Curved Gaming Monitor - $279.99 + tax

    $279.99 $399.99, SAVE -$120 OR -30%
    SAMSUNG’S FIRST 240HZ CURVED GAMING MONITOR virtually eliminates input lag, helping you to react with lightning quickness through an immersive curved screen, G-SYNC COMPATIBLE MONITOR demolishes image tears, stuttering and screen-lag for exceptionally smooth gaming, DEEPLY ROUNDED 1500R CURVED SCREEN wraps around your field of vision. Brightness (Typical)- 300cd/m2. Peak Brightness (Typical)- 300cd/m2. Brightness (Min) - 250cd/m2, 3000:1 CONTRAST RATIO lets you see enemies with greater clarity, even in darker scenes, CONNECT MULTIPLE INPUT SOURCES thru HDMI 2.0 (compatible with PS4 and Xbox) and display port, MULTIPLE GAME MODES optimally adjust black gamma levels, contrast, sharpness and color for virtually any game genre

    CheetahTALK Plus CM Portable AI Real-Time Language Translator - $169.99

    $169.99 $199.99, SAVE -$30 OR -15%
    Real Time 2-way Translation - Learn, laugh, love, and communicate face-to-face in real time with instant 2-Way Translations. A highly-responsive, one-touch button design is pressed to translate a variety of languages in a fast, responsive, and accurate manner., Communicate In 73 Languages - Communication is key. Choose between 73 unique, special, and wonderful languages that are spoken daily all across the globe. Built with 4-translation engines to provide clean and precise translations along with modern slang., Superior Battery Life - Ultra-long battery life for performance and convenience during school, work, or travel. A single charge can last an entire week with upwards of 50 full days of standby time. Advanced high-capacity 1000mAh battery encourages longer conversations., Offline Translations - With Plus, communication becomes more convenient and reliable. Users can experience Offline Translations for any sort of off-the-grid excursion or if users are far removed from a Wi-Fi connection. Supports 3 popular languages so far with more to be added soon., Lcd Touchscreen - A gorgeous 1.54” IPS-Lcd touchscreen display for ease of use. Choose languages and change settings all by touch. Highly-advanced TTS (Text-To-Speech) ensures learning new words, phrases, and sentences simple, fun, and effective. Cheetahtalk is proud to offer a full 1-Year Warranty.

    V8 Sparkling +Energy, Healthy Energy Drink, Natural Energy from Tea, Strawberry Kiwi, 11.5 Ounce Can, $8.36, Black Cherry, $8.80, Amazon

    $11.94 $14.82, SAVE -$2.88 OR -19%
    ENERGY DRINK MADE WITH JUICE: Infused with sweet potato and apple juice, and hints of juicy strawberries and tart kiwis for a refreshing boost., HEALTHY ENERGY DRINK: Each can has 1 combined serving of fruits and veggies from non-GMO sweet potatoes, carrots, and grapes, just 50 calories, and is an excellent source of vitamin B, NATURAL STEADY ENERGY: Made with caffeine naturally occurring in tea, V8 Sparkling +Energy has the same amount of caffeine as the leading energy drink., ENERGY DRINK YOU CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT: 50% less calories and sugar than a leading energy drink*, made with no added sugar, no artificial colors, non-GMO and gluten-free. *A leading energy drink provides 110 calories and 27 g sugar per 8.4 fl oz, V8 Sparkling +Energy Strawberry Kiwi ships as 12- 11.5 ounce recyclable cans

    12-Pack V8 Sparkling +Energy, Healthy Energy Drink 11.5oz for 6.60

    $8.8 $12.57, SAVE -$3.77 OR -30%
    SPARKLING ENERGY DRINK MADE WITH JUICE: Infused with sweet potato and apple juice, while hints of orange and pineapple make this sparkling energy drink the perfect refreshing boost, HEALTHY ENERGY DRINK: Each can has 1 combined serving of fruits and veggies from non-GMO sources, just 50 calories, and is an excellent source of B vitamins, NATURAL STEADY ENERGY FROM TEA: Made with caffeine naturally occurring in tea, V8 Sparkling +Energy has the same amount of caffeine as the leading energy drink, ENERGY DRINK YOU CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT: Non-GMO and gluten-free, this healthy energy drink has 50% less calories and sugar than a leading energy drink*. Made with no added sugar or artificial colors, A leading energy drink provides 110 calories and 27 g sugar per 8.4 fl oz is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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