December Deals Buying Guide

It’s Christmas! Which deals is Santa bringing down the chimney this month?

We’ve reached the end of a great year of saving, folks, and we’re rewarded with some of the best sales of the year. It’s easy to get a little overwhelmed, however, in the constant advertising bombardment that comes with the holiday season. Luckily you have DealDump to help you figure out what’s truly hot and what’s a big not this month.

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday in November get all the attention, Green Monday, the second Monday of December, is one of the biggest retail sales days there is, so don’t forget to work it to your advantage!

While Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve are, themselves, not shopping days, you’ll find sales and incentives galore targeting the gifts, decor, party accessories, and grocery items that go with these holidays.

Plus, of course, finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. What retailers will put which items up when is a little up in the air, so expect 3 weeks of big sales and delicious deals and be ready to act when you see something from your gift list go up on sale.

Lucky there’s plenty to tempt you! We’ve outlined the hottest December deals below. Which will make it to your Christmas list?

DealDump’s Year-end Buying Guide promise

Even if you aren’t the sort to celebrate Christmas all year round, you know what savvy shoppers don’t just head into the wilds of December shopping without a guide!

That’s why DealDump’s handy December buying tips are here for you- we do the research so you don’t have to. Neatly divided month-by-month, our guides are here to make sure you save and save. Why pay retail price when you have us? Each month you can check out where the best deals are, and what to save for another day with our Amazon shopping guide. With fresh bargains and low prices to delight your heart, shopping has never been easier- and the savings will keep rolling in.

It’s December. While the holiday spirit is spreading through friends and family, what deals can you expect to see in the shops? What purchases are better left for the New Year? Let’s take a look!

Are there good deals in December?

First off, we’re going to be brutally honest- December is a weird month for deals. In some ways, it’s the best shopping month of the year- but remember that everyone wants to shop right now, not just you.

Retailers are aware that there’s a ton of competition for some ‘treat’ goodies, and that people have holiday bonuses burning a hole in their pocket, so all is not quite as it seems if you’re looking for easy deals.

On the positive side, we have tons of ‘odd’ and ‘special’ items hit the sales rack in December to entice us to find excellent gifts, so you’re bound to find something perfect for your hobby, taste, self-care, special treat, or stocking stuffer. The perfect gift is waiting for you!

You may not be able to find it easily, though, in the sea of enticing advertising you’ll find wherever you go, so it’s important to keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t forget you can make smart use of reminders and notifications to help you price watch goodies you want.

Put the basics on grocery delivery for the month, and save your energy for scouring the net for great deals and avoiding purchase pitfalls.

What buying tips do we have for you? We’ve moved away from home decor and tech deals this month to focus on goodies that make great gifts, so put aside the decorating plans and start planning the perfect something for your special people.

There’s still time to snag some small appliance deals and pick up a steal or two for your wardrobe next fall. From going all-out with gift cards to finding the perfect headphones, it’s time to enjoy a festive season of sales.

Keen to get into the holiday spirit with some smart shopping? Let’s go! Just remember to check delivery dates carefully at this time of year. 

What should I buy in December?

Before you rush off to spend online, take a deep breath and pull up our handy guide to the best December deals. Here’s what you should be buying in December.

1) Small appliances

These have been on our list for the last few months and you may have thought Black Friday was the end of the run- but it’s not! There’s still some time to snag a great deal on small appliances if you’re in the market, but look sharp- it won’t last much longer. Now’s your last chance to pick up a cheap Amazon Echo, Apple Watch, or nightstand speaker for a while. Popular Smart home devices are a big hit at this time of year.  

2) Toys

As we mentioned last month, December is the best month to find steep discounts on toys. Again, you’re better off looking earlier in the month as prices will start to climb back up during the week before Christmas, but it’s the best time of the year to spread a little joy to the younger family members. No matter the kids’ ages, you’re sure to find a deal.

3) Tools

Black Friday last month kicked off a trend that will continue into late December, and that’s for tool kits. If you need to replace something, or have a handy DIYer in the family, you have your last chance until June to find them a great deal on tools.

4) Christmas decor

Your very best time for Christmas decor deals will be right after Christmas, but if your home isn’t quite ready for the season, don’t worry- you’ll still get some very nice deals as you get closer to Christmas eve. So it might be better to leave this one to the last minute- at least a little!

5) Gift Cards

With the holiday spirit in mind, you’ll find many places offering limited-time gift cards they may not sell year-round. You will also find some stores offering credit for future use after you meet a minimum purchase limit. Whether it’s a gift for someone, a voucher for popular titles from a vendor like Steam, Amazon Prime Music, or Apple Music, or a way to bank some credit until later in the year, it’s a great time to leverage these to your advantage. 

6) Fall wardrobes

With winter biting outside, retailers want space to move in their heavier and thicker clothing lines. What does that mean for you? Plenty of great deals on Fall and early-Spring clothing! Feel free to have fun at the sales. While we always caution you to avoid in-season clothing, there is one exception for winter. In the week before Christmas, you may see some good deals on winter clothes, too, but steer away from this cash trap for the rest of the month.

7) Green Monday sales

While nowhere near as celebrated as Black Friday, Green Monday (the closest Monday to 14th December or thereabouts) will offer you the last big general sales push towards Christmas. If you have some general items or excellent gifts you’re looking to grab before the holidays swing into gear, this could be the last good sale pre-Christmas.

8) Headphones

Audiophiles delight, your smart shopping moment is here! If you’re looking for a sweet new pair of AirPods, or have your eyes set on something by Beats or Brose, look no further. While Cyber Monday attracts all the tech attention, headphones are historically cheaper in December than any other month overall.

9) Personal Care

Treat personal care items make great stocking stuffers, and this means they tend to have attractive discounts, deals, and special packs you won’t find at any other time of year. If you love your personal care products, or just want a little treat to unwind at the end of the day, now’s the time to stock up. 

10) Bonus: After Christmas Sales

The post-Christmas sales will see a wide variety of products, Christmas decor, gift packs, and grocery items that was overstocked for Christmas go on sale as retailers try to clear their shelves or warehouses to bring you New Year deals.

Nothing is guaranteed, as this is also what’s left after the shopping frenzy, but if you have some odds and ends on your shopping list, keep your eyes peeled. Everything from roasts to rollerskates to Riesling wine could see a steep discount in the last few days of the year, so don’t be afraid to check back with Amazon and other retailers regularly at this time.

Just remember that year end means delivery dates will likely be longer. 

Things not to buy in December

With your Christmas buy list ready, what should you rather skip? Here’s a few purchases you shouldn’t make in December.

1) Bedding and linen

Mid-winter may leave you feeling like you want something extra to snuggle in, but it’s better avoided until the post-Christmas January sales, when linens hit a historic low each year. There’s no incentive to discount these over the festive season, so there’s no deals to be had for a while.

2) Televisions

While Black Friday was one of the best times of year to stock up, you can still find great TV deals for the first 2 weeks of December. That said, they’re nothing compared to what you will see, in the run-up to the Superbowl come late January, early February. If it’s at all possible, skip the TV for now.

3) Pricier electronics

While you can find some nice small appliance deals in December, you’ve missed the boat for the better deals on laptops, tablets, digital cameras, and similar goods. These are big-ticket purchases for Christmas, and the chances of a good deal are slim. Hold off to January, when the introduction of newer models and the post-Christmas blues will drop the price again.

4) Jewelry

While it’s tempting to indulge in something sparkly for Christmas, this is the worst time of year to buy, and prices will stay high until the end of February. Unless you really can’t go without a little treat, put jewelry on the waitlist for now.

5) Furniture

The push to get your home fresh before year-end has faded, and the new lines won’t arrive until January. Rather hold off on furniture purchases until January, when the need to clear the showroom floor will work in your favor.

6) Calendars

Unless you’re at a loss without one, rather put calendars and other organizational purchases off until the New Year, when they’ll go on steep discounts. Right now, they’re at full price. 

7) Exercise equipment

This includes Gym Memberships, too!

The stores know that your New Year resolutions will be heavily influenced by the post-Christmas bulge on the scales, and they’re not going to give you a break until February next year.

If you’re into your home gym equipment, be a smart shopper and sit on purchases for a while until the frenzy dies down.

And there you have it!

We’ve made it through a whole year of the most exciting deals and steals to save your pocketbook and help you get exactly what you need at a price you like.

The year-end holiday frenzy makes it very difficult to stay on top of what’s a great deal and what just has pushy marketing, so you’ll need to be extra-disciplined this month if you want success.

That said, it’s also a fabulous time to find some really odd discounts, as retailers try to entice you with gifting deals, so keep your eyes peeled for a nice treat.

If you’re looking for something ultra-specific, remember that one of the big pluses of online retailers like Amazon is the ability to set up notifications and monitor price changes on a product, so now’s also a great time to get some organization done and set yours up for the New Year.

Have a fabulous holiday season packed with deals, and don’t forget to check back in with the DealDump January buying guide to make sure you stretch that post-holiday paycheck as far as possible next month too!. 

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