November Deals Buying Guide

It’s Turkey Time: Thanksgiving sales and Black Friday are beckoning

Welcome back to DealDump’s Monthly Deal Guide for November.

There’s no surprise that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the big sales focus this month. For the truly sales-savvy, add Veteran’s day to the mix as your first shot at great deals in November.

It’s the month when major retailers are starting to price down older stock to bring in shiny new lines for Christmas, so you’re going to leverage that to help you. 

Of course, November is nothing more than a month-long Christmas Eve, so it also pays to have an eye on your planned purchases all the way through to the end of the year.

This goes double if you’re not the type to have your Christmas gift list planned already, as you’ll be dancing an intricate dance between fantastic sales and steals as shops clear out stock lines for new stuff, and hideous markups they hope you’ll be pressured to buy at the last minute (jewelry, we are looking at you). 

We’re also solidly heading into winter, so it’s the worst time of year to find out you need something to keep you warm and cozy, whether it’s a jacket or a space heater.

Hopefully, you used your sales savvy earlier in the year to cover you. On the other hand, you can pick up some great deals on old summer and fall fashion, and there are some post-Halloween savings to be had too.

Otherwise, buckle up and enjoy the holiday season, knowing you’re covered for fantastic deals every step of the way!

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What is best to buy in November? We’re here to make sure you know where the great deals are every month, with fresh bargains on hand. Plan your shopping, keep your bank account happy, and save some cash- that’s the DealDump promise.

It’s November. As Turkey Day draws closer, what’s on special this month? What deals can you expect? And where should you not spend your money?

What deals does November bring to the table?

November’s a trickier month for deals than you may expect. We’re bombarded left and right with ‘big deal’ holidays- Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and sales aplenty. You’ll certainly see advertisers throw around the phrase ‘biggest deals of the year’! How true is it, though? Not always as much as you’d like.

For a smart shopper like you, it’s not a problem, it’s just a challenge! While it’s smart to stay away from some traditional gift items for the next few months- like jewelry- some surprising stocking stuffers and flashy gifts will be at their best price of the year. It’s also a great time for home redecoration, and if you have a baker or a DIY enthusiast in your life it’s the perfect time to spoil them.

See November as the month of tech deals- provided you’re not hung up on the latest generation- and smaller appliance steals.

There area few catches on the tech front, though, so be sure to consult that section in our November shopping guide below to know what to watch out for.

 Are you ready to start the silly season with all the best deals on Amazon? Let’s get shopping!

Our recommended November deals you shouldn’t miss

So, what’s actually worth spending your hard-earned cash on this November? Let’s take a peek!

1) Halloween Decor

With the days of pumpkins and skeletons behind us, now is the perfect time to snag fantastic deals on next year’s Halloween Decor. With Thanksgiving, then Christmas, hot on its heels, retailers are keen to get these items off the shelves, so it means deals all around for you.

2) Cookware

If you never set foot in the kitchen except to find the paper plates, this might not be a deal for you. However, if you’re keen to replace cookware, or you or a loved one adores spending time in the kitchen, this could be your favorite month on the shopping calendar. Discounted cookware is thick on the ground in anticipation of the biggest eating season of the year, so don’t be shy if you’re keen to buy.

3) Home Goods

Across the board, November is a great month for all things home-related. Small and large appliances like air fryers and vacuums, and even furniture, will be on sale in anticipation of some quick redecorating before hosting year-end parties. If you’ve been looking to pump some money and love into your home space, now’s the time to get it done.

4) Tool Kits

Tools are the often-missed items on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While they may not be as flashy as the latest fun electronics, if you have a handyman in the family, or just like to be prepared, now is the perfect time to find some fantastic bargains on tool sets and even some flashier DIY toys.

5) Wedding Dresses

Does this one surprise you? Few brides are buying in November, with the weather starting to look gloomy and many people more focused on family gatherings around the traditional holidays. This means some bridal retailers will try to drum up business with sweet deals. If you’re recently engaged, it’s a good month to start looking for a wedding dress you love at a price you’ll love even more.

6) Electronics

Be honest- did this entry surprise you even a little? With Black Friday and Cyber Monday banging down your door, electronics of all types and niches are yours for the taking. One word of warning- if you’re planning to splurge on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, make sure you do some research beforehand.

There’s a not-unknown bait-and-switch tactic among some major retailers of inflating prices over the preceding month to ‘discount’ them right back down to regular price. Watch price trends for your item in the months approaching November to make sure you get a real deal.

7) Stocking stuffers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday also tend to be packed with ‘free gift’ offers. Even if the item on offer isn’t of interest to you personally, it could make for a great 2-in-1 stocking stuffer if it’s coming with something you did mean to buy. It’s a fantastic way to get ready for the holiday shopping season and kill two birds with one stone.

8) All things food

With Thanksgiving occupying the pinnacle spot this month, there’s no surprise that food deals are big on the menu. While you won’t get seasonal produce on Amazon, even the biggest online retailer will have some sweet deals for those who enjoy eating well.

Whether you buy up the last of the Halloween candy or want to score a great deal on a new set of Food Storage Containers, now’s your time to act. Bakers, keep your eyes open for great bulk deals on baking staples this month, too.

9) Beauty products

This is a tip for early November only, but if you have a beauty product fanatic in the home or simply want to update your makeup collection, do it in the first few weeks of November. Shops want to make way for new product lines and gift packs, so you’re sure to get a steal on your favorites.

Later in the month, you may still pick up some bargains, but prices do go back to normal in anticipation of gifting season.

10) Televisions 

This one is so critical, we gave it its own section. Of all the appliances that go on sale this month, fancy TVs are one of the best. If you’re in the market for an upgrade, November is definitely the month to find something juicy on the sales rack.

11) Bonus: Wine

Autumn harvests mean that November is the perfect time to stock up on vintages you love and fun wines to share with friends over the Christmas season. While it’s not something everyone will have on their list, if you like your wine, consider shopping now for some sweet deals.

12) Bonus: Smart home gadgets and lifestyle devices

Technically we covered this one under ‘electronics’, but there’s a few it is worth highlighting. Deals on smart home gadgets/smart devices like Alexa and the Amazon Echo abound on Cyber Monday sales, as do smartwatch sales, gaming systems, and new phones.

If you’re gadget-obsessive, these deals may not appeal as they’re primarily sales drivers to make space for new gifting stock in December.

If, however, you just want to get your hands on a sweet deal like a robot vacuum and aren’t so picky about it not being the absolute newest gen, now’s the time to splurge on all the vast majority of electronic toys.

What not to buy in November

Now you know what deals to put on your Thanksgiving gratitude list, what purchases should you stay away from in November? Let’s take a look.

1) Seasonal clothing

If this one seems to make every one of our monthly buying guides, you’re not wrong. Buying clothes in season is one of the quickest ways to throw cash away. It’s hard at the end of the year, because many people’s wish lists are packed with pretty winter clothes.

All the same, if you can hold out on items, January will be your best bet for a winter clothing refresh that doesn’t break the bank. If you do need to pick up a few winter essentials, plan around the two big sales this month to get as good a deal as you can. Baby products may see a small sale around now, but it’s nothing too exciting.

2) Toys

Even if you’re compulsively organized and want to get the Christmas lists out the way earlier, you’re better off waiting. As we approach Christmas, the toy deals style=”font-weight: 400;”> will get deeper. You might find a modest discount or two, especially on Black Friday, but your best bet is waiting a few weeks.

The same goes for kid-centric mementos and collectibles like ‘Baby’s first Christmas’ ornaments. Oddly, it’s not the worst time to shop for school supplies, as school season is a distant memory for most, but we wouldn’t focus too much on that, either.

3) Laptops

Oddly amongst all the Cyber Monday consumer electronics carnage, laptop deals are slim on the ground. While you’ll find budget laptop options all over, they’re typically ‘mass market’ models with poor features.

All the ones they want to unload before bringing in enticing December goodies! It’s a good idea to avoid any brands you only see appear around Black Friday, too, in case you have issues with warranties and repairs. Remember,t he cheapest options are not always the smartest buys

4) Christmas Merch

It’s tempting, but don’t do it! Hopefully, you scratched your itch in January and stocked up for the year, because the best time to buy Christmas decor is the day after Christmas. 

5) Jewelry

Many of us are suckers for sparkly things as gifts, and the shops know it. This is the time of year where prices on jewelry items peak in anticipation of gift shopping. Smart shoppers don’t get caught up in the rat race of November to February jewelry sales. Save your cash for early next year, and you’ll find you have much more buying power in your pocket.

6) Large Appliances

While medium and smaller home appliances tend to hit their best sales in November, Large appliances are typically better priced on three-day-weekend sales like Labor Day and Memorial Day. That said, if it’s an emergency you will see some discounts at this time of year, just not nearly as good as you can get earlier in the year.


November is the month of sales, ramping up to some big deals around Christmas and the party season of New Year. While there’s some cunning traps laid around gift items like jewelry, it’s still a great time of year for a variety of pocket-friendly deals and steals, especially if you’re home-proud and want to refresh your decor.

As long as you keep your smart shopper hat on and don’t fall for artificially inflated prices presented as true ‘deals’, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are an exceptional chance to enjoy tech at rock-bottom prices and rejuvenate your kitchen and home with some sparkly new appliances.

With the gifting season looming large, keep your eyes peeled for last-minute purchases for loved ones, too, especially among the beauty and tool niches.  

Stay the course, savvy shoppers- you’ve got December to get through, still.

But DealDump will be on hand to get you through the silly season without debt you don’t want, so stay tuned!

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