Takuvan 100ft Expandable Garden Hose with 9 Spray Nozzle $22.74

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  • ☘️DURABLE EXPANDABLE GARDEN HOSE: Covered with good quality and wear-resistant material to avoid kink, burst or become tangled. Strongest triple layer latex core and 3750D polyester fabric, making it quite wear-resistant, lightweight, flexible and long enough to make it easy and convenient to maneuver around garden. 3/4" tough brass connector with strong rubber seal gasket design make your hose no more leaks. Help you save time, money and water resources.
  • ☘️FLEXIBLE, LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: When the water is turned on, the flex expandable garden hose expands rapidly to 3 times its length (100 feet) under the pressure of the water and shrinks back to its original length when closed. We offer a bonus hanger & bag, which will help you keep this garden hose easily and take up a little space.
  • ☘️EASY TO USE: The rotating bezel design of the nozzle makes it easier to choose kind of spray, which is suitable for children, people with wrist discomfort, and the elderly. Pull the Trigger Buckle to keep the water flowing and effortless. A brass switch valve makes you conveniently to stop the water without turning off the tap, saving time and effort, making the retractable garden hose easier and simpler to use.
  • ☘️MULTI-FUNCTION NOZZLE: The sprayer boasts non-slip and comfortable grip and rotating bezel for choosing 9 spray patterns-JET CENTRE CONE MIST SHOWER FULL FLAT ANGLE SOAKER. Including multiple adjustable watering patterns, great for house/car/floor/yard washing, garden watering, pet showering, having fun or business use.
  • ☘️RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We guarantee a replacement for any Garden Hose that has a manufacturing defect within 12 months of purchase and give a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you ever have any issues with your Takuvan hose, simply contact us!


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    Amazon - 100ft New Expandable Garden Hose w/9 Function Spray Nozzle $29.99

    $39.99 $49.99, SAVE -$10 OR -20%
    HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL GARDEN HOSE: The flexible expanding water hose uses a high-density 4-layer latex core that is 3x more durable than 2-3 layers and extra strength 3750D polyester fabric cover to prevent breakage and leakage. The super strong garden hose can withstand water pressure 3-12 Bar and temperature 41℉-113℉. You don't have to worry about the water pipes being broken by the pressure of the water even in winter. This expandable garden hose is lightweight and flexible for long-term use., DESIGNED TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER: The newest design expandable water hose pipe is lightweight and flexible, will never tangles, twists or kinks during use. The hose quickly expands to 3 times (100 feet) the original length when water pressure is on, and shrinks to its original state within minutes when it's off. Only 4.7 lbs, after getting your work done, just simply rewind it into a basket or hose hanger. Lightweight, collapsible, easy storage makes your life easier., NO MORE LEAKS GARDEN HOSE: The 100FT heavy duty hose with durable 4-layer latex core & 3/4 Inch Solid brass fittings perfectly solve the leak problems of plastic connectors. Superior quality brass connectors and switch valves, which give excellent corrosion resistance and no rusting. The brass shut-off valves is easy for you to shut off the water without turning off the tap, makes the garden hose easier to use. This garden hose design for long-term use., ALL YOU NEED FOR QUALITY WATERING IN 1 SET: We have included in our set: Garden Hose 100ft, 9 Functions Spray Nozzle, Storage bag, Hanger and 3 Rubber Washers. That is all you need! The 9 functions sprayer boasts non-slip and comfortable grip and rotating bezel for choosing 9 spray patterns. Buckle stent for uninterrupted use. Ergonomic handgrip for effortless operation. Making it extremely easy to use and adapt it to your needs., MULTI-PURPOSE GARDEN HOSE: This Garden Hose compatible with your different outdoor watering needs. Great for garden watering, house/car/floor/yard washing, pet bathing or outdoor games. Easy to use and storage. Just drain water from the hose when not in use, store out of direct sun.

    Garden Hose Expandable Set 100ft - Superior Strength 3750D / 4-Layers Latex/Extra-Strong Brass Connectors $38.96 + Free Shipping

    $59.95 $74.95, SAVE -$15 OR -20%
    🎁 The Strong 3750D Fabric and 4-Layer Latex. We have developed this hose using the high-quality materials to avoid most problems: 3750x3750D fabric to avoid bursts, 4-layer latex that is 3x more durable than 2-3 layers. Within seconds, a flexible garden hose expands from 17 to 100 feet in length. Our 100 ft flexible and expandable garden hose will never kink, twist, burst or get tangled up during use., 🎁 Anti-Leak System with Protectors. The innovative design of this water hose comes with advanced connector protectors, which ensure there’s no unwanted leakage while you’re doing your work. Stop wasting money and time for expensive repairing., 🎁 All You Need For Quality Watering in 1 Set. We have included in our set: Garden Hose 100 ft, Zinc Alloy Sprayer, 2-Way Splitter, Storage bag, and Hanger. That is all you need! This garden hose is made from a flexible material, making it extremely easy to use and adapt it to your needs. The lightweight material makes it maneuverable and easy to store once you’re done with it., 🎁 Rust-Free Connectors. Unlike similar products on the market, this 100 ft flexible and expandable collapsible water hose will not rust due to its superior quality brass connectors and shut-off valve. Use it with confidence every day!, 🎁 Designed in Chicago for a Wide Range of Applications. A universal choice not only for watering the garden, but also for washing the house, car, yard, bathing pets and other purposes. associated with the need to use water.

    CZX 50 Foot Retractable Garden Hose {Expires 10/27} [Coupon Code: Y6MIX8NL] (40% off) - $24

    $39.99 $55.99, SAVE -$16 OR -29%
    Twist-free garden hoses: use ultra-soft materials and high-strength sturdy braided shells to effectively protect latex tubes Advanced design never kinks, tangles or twists. Help you get rid of all the troubles of using polyester fiber or plastic tube., Rugged brass fittings: Our water pipes use high-quality 3/4-inch brass fittings and solid brass ends with rubber washers. It can effectively prevent cracking, corrosion and leakage. There is a valve at the end of the expandable garden hose where you can turn the water on or off without having to go back and close the hose. ., Retractable hose: Our garden hose can be extended from 17 feet long to 50 feet long. When the water pressure is turned on, the garden hose can expand to 3 times the original hose length, and when closed, it can shrink to the original hose length within a few minutes, Suitable for multiple uses: can be expanded quickly, while the brass valve at the end can better control water flow, flexible length and appropriate water flow to support multiple uses, such as gardening, watering, car washing/boat washing, pet bathing or When the swimming pool is clean,, 8 function spray nozzles: this sprayer has non-slip, comfortable grip and a rotatable frame, you can choose 8 spray modes, very suitable for house / car / floor / courtyard cleaning, garden watering, pet cleaning, entertainment or business use.

    Suncast Deluxe Garden Hose Hangout $9.98 at Amazon

    $9.98 $26.99, SAVE -$17.01 OR -63%
    SPACE SAVING: Hose hangout compacts up to 150' of garden hose to keep out of your lawn or garden, STORAGE COMPARTMENT: Built in storage compartment to hold nozzles, garden gloves, tools, and hose accessories, MOUNTABLE: Ability to mount on fence, side of house, or wall. Ideal for small yards that need extra space!, CONVENIENT: Hose hangout conveniently attaches to house near water source for easy use, DESIGN: Textured taupe finish to blend in with most exterior paint colors while fitting in perfectly with your outdoor decor, 150' OF 5/8" hose capacity

    Flexzilla Heavy-Duty Lightweight 5/8" 50-Ft Garden Hose $29 at Amazon

    $28.78 $31.98, SAVE -$3.2 OR -10%
    Extremely flexible – Our distinctive green hoses are built from a special polymer blend that allows for all-weather flexibility, even in subzero temperatures (-40° to 140°F), making it easy to use in the harshest conditions, Extremely durable – Purpose built to handle any industry and environment. Abrasion resistant outer cover and crush resistant anodized aircraft aluminum fittings means this hose is always ready to work, Won't kink under pressure – Our hoses are made from a special hybrid polymer that is memoryless, meaning it will lay flat, resist kinks, and can coil easily, making them a breeze to put away, Leak free and drinking water safe - Each garden hose contains superior O-rings, ensuring a long lasting and leak free connection. Our hybrid polymer is lead-free, making all hoses drinking water safe, Lightweight - Lighter than traditional garden hoses making Flexzilla easier to carry and maneuver around the yard

    GEARWRENCH Made in USA Small Hose Pinch Off Pliers, 3/4" O.D. Capacity - 3791 ($11.01 w/ Free Prime Ship)

    $11.01 $16.75, SAVE -$5.74 OR -34%
    Ideal for use on radiator hoses, heater hoses, water, air, vacuum and fuel lines, Color: Black, Manufactured in United States

    Bio Bidet SlimEdge Dual Nozzle Toilet Attachment $25 + Free Shipping

    $25 $59, SAVE -$34 OR -58%
    SLEEK AND STURDY: Increase the function and beauty of your bathroom with the latest bidet attachment from Bio Bidet. This reinforced and stylish design is 50% thinner than competing products., EXCLUSIVE DESIGN: The tilted control panel is designed to compliment both your bathroom and your body. Simply turn the comfort grip control knob to activate your preferred spray., DUAL NOZZLE SPRAY OPTIONS: Clean in comfort with refreshing spray patterns for him and her. Easily adjust the bidet spray with the responsive water pressure controls., BUILT TO LAST: Designed for an easy DIY installation, the SlimEdge bidet attachment features a quality design brass valve and inlet, alongside a braided metal water supply hose and certified built-in check valve., INDUSTRY LEADER: Buy with confidence from the industry leader in bidet seats and attachments – Bio Bidet. The SlimEdge bidet attachment features a one year manufacturer’s warranty. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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