[PS4] Kandagawa Jet Girls - Racing Hearts Edition - $39.99 at Amazon & BestBuy

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  • Day 1 “racing hearts Edition” comes with a two-disc soundtrack CD with 54 tracks and a 5.5" X 7.3" Softcover 60Pg art book in a custom box with exclusive art.
  • A wet, Wild ride - Dash down the river leaving the competition in your wake; zoom Off of ramps, pull flips and twists in the air, dodge or Blast obstacles, find hidden powerups, and hose down opponents while being sure to evade their return Fire
  • Go under the hood and customize - win races and challenges to unlock customization options like swimsuits, hairstyles, Jet machines' Skins, Decals, and special effects; fine tune the inside of the Jet machine to best match your driving style
  • Tackle the river alone or compete online - experience the game's robust story mode with each of the Seven two-girl teams having their own unique multi-episode Arc totaling 64 episodes of lighthearted racing drama, or go online for multiplayer mayhem
  • Shinobi surprise - ryona and ryobi from senran kagura are included as a bonus team in the Western release, with more of their Ninja friends on the way as Premium DLC


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