The Story Behind “Black Friday” and Black Friday’s Historical Significance

Black Friday is an unofficial term that represents the most unruly and busiest day of the year for consumers. Smaller businesses also get in on the action, setting up special deals for their customers.

It all culminates in a chaotic day when many people check online for the best sales, most coupons and lowest prices on appliances, electronics, clothes and more. The origins of Black Friday date back to November 23rd in 1869 and a company called B.F. Jennings & Company.

An employee at this company named Henry Ford worked there as a young man to learn about manufacturing methods and processes. These lessons would be critical once he built his first successful car company in 1903.

Black Friday was coined because store owners would begin closing their doors at noon on that day to give employees time to shop elsewhere before the stores closed permanently at 6 p.m..

The earlier closure meant that workers could finish shopping by 4 p.m., leaving more time over the weekend to take advantage of great sale rates once again before rushing home to prepare dinner for their families.

The History of Black Friday and the Key Players

Black Friday is a day characterized by immense shopping pressure and frenetic consumerism. The Monday after Thanksgiving has been called Black Friday for over ten years, but in 2013 the term began to catch on even more.

One of the most important people in Black Friday history is Henry Ford, who started Black Friday as a company-wide event at his plant because he wanted employees to be able to enjoy the weekend with their families.

Why Is Black Friday Important?

Since its inception, Black Friday has become an important day for businesses.

Businesses of all sizes have embraced the concept as a way to advertise their products and services to both their local customers and those who are interstate. With this in mind, Black Friday is a great opportunity for you to get a jump on your holiday shopping.

The deals that you see advertised online will be available in your local stores soon enough and with such savings, you’ll want to make your purchase right away! Black Friday is also important because it helps consumers know what they want.

It allows them to find the perfect gifts for loved ones or that special someone while they are at it. It also helps manufacturers discover how much people are willing to spend on certain items so they can put together more effective marketing campaigns.

Plus, it gives consumers the chance to save money by comparing prices from different retailers before deciding which retailer offers the best deal on the item they want.

How Black Friday Got Its Name

Black Friday has become one of the busiest times of the year for people looking to buy gifts, and it was originally named because of the earliest closing time. However, the name stuck because it became a day that could be seen as a harbinger of things to come. The day before Thanksgiving is called “Black Thursday” because stores close at midnight on that day. But by opening earlier on Black Friday, they get a jump start on their sales and have time to capitalize over the weekend before everyone else wakes up on Saturday morning. This early closing also helped employees avoid having to work on Thanksgiving Day.

The most important thing to know about Black Friday

Black Friday is not the only day to get a great deal. You can find sales and discounts all year long. We always hear about Black Friday, but you should also know that many other retailers have “golden” days throughout the year when they offer up to 70% off.

These are typically in January, February and May. If you want to save big on your shopping this year, focus less on specific products and more on watching for these special days throughout the year. You’ll find yourself with a much wider variety of deals that you could’ve ever imagined!

Why Are People Obsessed with Black Friday?

A major part of Black Friday’s popularity is because it’s an unofficial holiday. Many people get the day off from work and use it to spend time with family and friends.

Not only that, it also falls on a Friday which means people have another day to stay up late and enjoy each other’s company before stumbling into bed around midnight. But what makes Black Friday so special?

The discounts are usually many times better than other days of the year, making this the ultimate in shopping opportunities. On top of that, everyone is fighting for the best deals, meaning you have to be prepared to do some serious bargaining with your fellow shoppers.

It’s a good way to start off the holiday season with a bang while giving yourself a few extra hours of sleep over the weekend.

Black Friday 2022: The Biggest Sales and What’s Going On?

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How to Save Money on Black Friday 2022

Be sure to plan ahead! Research the stores near you that are having deals and discounts. Some stores will offer great discounts on Black Friday, but they may not be the ones that are closest to you.

Consider what is important to you, and carefully evaluate whether it’s worth taking a deal that’s 50-60% off or if another store is a better option for you. If it’s all about saving money, consider shopping online.

There are many retailers offering same day shipping and discounts on Black Friday, so be sure to check those out before spending your time driving around in search of deals. Just because a store has a good deal doesn’t mean everything they sell is worth buying.

Check reviews, ratings and other information from consumers who have bought from this retailer in the past. If people are complaining about faulty products or poor service, it might not be worth your time or money to shop there this year either.


Black Friday, the term used to describe the shopping day before Thanksgiving, has become a phenomenon in America. The day’s history is a long, complicated tale of how it became associated with desperate shoppers and greedy merchants, and how the national idea of Black Friday has evolved over time.

The day’s history is a long, complicated tale of how it became associated with desperate shoppers and greedy merchants, and how the national idea of Black Friday has evolved over time.


What is the origin of Black Friday?

The Origins of Black Friday date back to November 23rd in 1869 and a company called B.F. Jennings & Company. An employee at this company named Henry Ford worked there as a young man to learn about manufacturing methods and processes.

This employee took advantage of the opportunity to sell items for a discount on this big day, Black Friday, in the company’s departments where he worked. Eventually, it became an annual event and had gained popularity over time.

In 1970, the National Retail Federation began recognizing this day as an official holiday, but people still used the term “Black Friday” to represent the event. And this is how it became a pop culture phenomenon.

What are the benefits of shopping on Black Friday?

Black Friday is the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. It takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and it’s often one of the busiest days of the year for retailers. Many people like to shop on Black Friday because they think that they’ll get the best deals.

However, it turns out that they’re not always that good. In 2017, a study found that discounts on Black Friday weren’t worth the trouble, so shoppers should just wait until Cyber Monday to buy whatever they want.

The real reason people like to shop on Black Friday is because of all of the free or heavily discounted things that you can get. For example, there are tons of sales on electronics, clothes and other items.

The best way to make sure that you get everything that you want is to do some research ahead of time. This will help you figure out which products are actually going to be on sale.

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