What does Black Friday mean in Christianity

It’s that time of year again, where everything seems to slow down and you can almost feel the excitement in the air. The shops are starting to put up their Christmas decorations, and people are getting ready to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

It’s Black Friday, and this also means it’s the start of an exciting new season for many Christians. If you aren’t familiar with Black Friday, it is the day after Thanksgiving when some of the major retailers in the US open their doors at 5 am to offer sales on various products.

However, there is usually a line outside those stores from early birds anxious to get their hands on those bargains before anyone else. So what does this have to do with Christianity? Well for Christians, Black Friday has a much deeper meaning than just about any other day of the year.

Let’s see what that meaning is…

What is Black Friday in Christianity?

Black Friday is a time when many Christians celebrate their victory over sin and death. The day after Thanksgiving is the unofficial start of the Christmas season, where Christians are eager to remind themselves that God triumphs over evil and death.

Origin of Black Friday

Black Friday’s origin comes from the biblical story of Jesus’s crucifixion on Good Friday. The day is called “Black Friday” because it marks the beginning of the Christian season of Lent, which is a time of reflection and repentance.

In fact, some Christians refer to it as “The Great Fast,” and people traditionally abstain from meat during this period.

So why does Black Friday have such a deep meaning for Christians? It’s tied to their faith in a sense that they believe God will show them atonement or forgiveness for their sins if they endure hardship and suffer through the temptation of sin during this season.

During this time, Christians often go without food and drink water only to demonstrate that they can survive without these items even if they’re not available (as was the case with Jesus).

Celebrations on Black Friday

For Christians, Black Friday is a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us that on this day, God sent an angel to Mary and announced that she would be carrying the savior of the world.

On this day, Jesus was born into a world wracked with sin and corruption. It’s a time for rejoicing for believers, who take great comfort in remembering that Jesus came to save them from their sins and give them eternal life.

Black Friday is also a time for Christians to remember how much they owe their Savior for their lives. This is why many people will partake in some form of fasting during this time.

For example, many churches will offer special services or sermons to remind believers of what they are indebted to God for.

What does Black Friday mean for Christians?

Black Friday has a very special meaning for Christians. While it doesn’t have any deep theological significance, many Christians like to spend time with their families and friends on Friday.

It is also the day when people usually get to see some of the most beautiful displays of Christian culture in the country. However, what Black Friday means for many people is a chance to be thankful and reflect on God’s blessings throughout the year.

Black Friday is the perfect opportunity for Christians to remember how much God has done for them and how they should be thankful for those blessings in return.

Let’s say you are a Christian who has been having a really tough year and you need to vent about your struggles, but don’t feel like talking about it with anyone else right now.

You know that you will have tons of time to talk about your struggles over Thanksgiving dinner or as people share their Christmas presents during this magical day where all of your problems seem so insignificant in comparison with what God has given you.

This is why Black Friday has such a special meaning–it provides an opportunity for Christians to share their gratitude with those they love while celebrating God’s gift of life!

When it comes to Black Friday, the main thing that many people associate it with is shopping, but many others associate it with reflection, gratitude, and family times together–all things that are important aspects not just of this day but also Christmas.


Black Friday has a history that is rooted in paganism and the Catholic Church’s reaction to it. It is a time to celebrate, to eat, drink and be merry.

The Church’s reaction was the establishment of a day where people would take time out of their regular work day to come together and spend time with one another. The holiday is definitely one that Christians should celebrate, but it should not be taken as a day of free shopping or greed.


What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when stores start selling items. It started in the United Sates and became very popular in the US and Canada. Stores set up tents outside their stores to allow customers to enter and shop for discounted items.

Some stores open earlier than others, but most open at 5 am on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday). The sales are over as quickly as they start, so it’s best to get in line early if you want a good deal.

Some people prefer to stay home rather than stand in a long line, so they order online and have it delivered. This is more expensive than going shopping in person, but it’s also more convenient if you don’t live close to a store.

Many stores also offer free shipping or free in-store pick-up on some items.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when many stores open early and offer sales on products. It is a US holiday celebrated in the United States and Canada.

The origins of Black Friday are unclear, but some say it started in 2002 when stores in the US opened early on Thanksgiving to start selling the Christmas shopping season.

Other people say that it started in 2003 when stores opened almost on the day after Thanksgiving, having run out of inventory by then.

What are the benefits of Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where some of the major retailers in the US open their doors at 5 am to offer sales on various products.

However, there is usually a line outside those stores from early in the morning. Retail employees are typically forced to work for extremely low wages starting at 5 am and working through the night, as well as long hours (on average 48 hours per week).

This means that many employees can barely make ends meet and have no time for their family or for any kind of social life. While this is all fine and dandy for most people, it can be incredibly stressful on workers’ health and well-being.

If this sounds like something that you’re against, show your support and Shop Smarter!

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